No one has ever become poor by giving

                                                Anne Frank


There are many different categories to choose from and all Ads here are for FREE, none of them can be sold. Hopefully you will find something for yourself at and maybe even share your item with someone else.

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Do unto others as you would have them unto you


Live, learn, grow

Every person has their story, path, purpose and none of us began from where we stand now. We live, we learn, we grow.



You have two hands. One to help yourself, the second to help others.


We can

We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone.


Be happy

One of the ways to be happy, is to make someone else happy.


Find for your self some freebies and maybe share your own with someone else

Set of small books

Toys, Books Free

Frozen star – Anna

Toys, Books Free

Frozen Doll – Elsa

Toys, Books Free

Frozen star – Anna

Toys, Books Free

Set of small books

Toys, Books Free

Frozen Doll – Elsa

Toys, Books Free

Set of small books

Toys, Books Free

Frozen star – Anna

Toys, Books Free

Frozen Doll – Elsa

Toys, Books Free

Give and Get

9 important things to know what you can give and what you can get

Do it Forward

Have you ever experienced a kindness that you didn’t expect from a stranger? That is what we are trying to do here. Some call it “paying it forward”, we are actually doing it and encouraging others to as well.

Make happy

Life is too short not to be happy. The best way to be happy is to make other people happy. Here at we try and do that one person at a time, every day.

Give and grow

We believe that giving helps us to grow as individuals. At some point in everyone’s life, someone gives something to an individual. Once that individual has the desire to give to someone else and they do so, they grow.

All for Free

All ads that you see on this site are for free. In a world where advertising is so expensive and carefully calculated to make you want to buy a product, we are doing it for free. And hopefully we will help some people along the way.

Get and Give

If you have found that our site has made a difference in your life for something you might need or have been looking for, perhaps you will feel it worthy to give a donation.

Lost? Found? Stolen?

We are thinking this may eventually become the most helpful part of our site. The thought is to reunite individuals with their belongings, pets, valuables and anything that they might have lost or had taken away from them.

Garage sale? Be in Sight

Lots of people are trying to sell things all the time. What better way than to have a garage sale! We can help your garage sale be seen.

Share and stay together

Share your thoughts with us, check out our blog, post an ad. Anyone posting here is part of a larger community, making the world a better place by sharing and staying together.

Donate to

Like what you see? Think that we are doing good work? Why not donate to help us help others?



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Frequenly Asked Questions

Can I advertise my item for an amount of money?

No, they must be for free. was created with the purpose that everyone can do something forward.

How can I place and Ad in Important / Urgent section?

Your ad must be really important or urgent to be placed in this section. You can apply to do this with our contact form. We will decide whether to place it in the Important / Urgent section. Either way we will notify you by email.

Am I need to pay for any services?

No you don’t need to pay. All services provided are free of charge. Unless you would like to make a donation to support this project.

Do you have an office where I can bring my free stuff?

No but hopefully it will happen soon. We are working on a solution for free items being offered. We are also working to have free delivery of those items for particular organizations. Check back with us in the future on this matter.

Why do you need donations?

To keep this project alive, we need donations and people to promote it so that more people join We are also making plans to build a temple where information will be posted on the donation section. No one must pay anything, unless you feel that you want to donate.

I have suggestions for DoForward, are you interested?

Yes! Very much. You are welcome to tell us your opinion about your experience and tell us your view. You can be sure we will answer it with a big thank you.

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